Form research

Bronze - 85 x 30 mm

Plaster - 210 x 130 x 155 mm

Plaster - 210 x 130 x 155 mm

Bronze - 103 x 83 x 30 mm


Timeless fall



Timeless fall is a form research based on my fascination for gravity.

This fascination can be translated in three parts;

First the fall, the attraction to earth and the feeling of time passing by. Then the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity, a timeless staticity.

Finally the illusion, to play with the rules in order to trigger the mind and modifying its landmarks.

The aspect approached through the form research is the sensation of a constant tension. The form and its environment should express the ambiguity between stress and ease. The goal is to find the edge between fear and freedom, adrenaline and nothingness.