Courant d'Air

Courant D'Air


The heat island effect is the temperature’s rise in the urban area. A phenomenon which affects population by increasing summertime peak energy demand. The overall energy consumption for cooling (refrigeration and air-conditioning), leads to higher emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which highly decrease the quality of air.

By looking for alternatives to air-conditioning, Océane was inspired by the Muscatese evaporative cooling system, an ancient technique used in Hot Arid Climates to cool down interiors.

Porous terracotta jars were filled with water and placed at windows so the wind passing through would optimize the evapotranspiration to gain maximum cooling and humidification. Combining that system together with the traditional brick allows many opportunities to create refreshing environments.

By experimenting with the amount of chamotte and firing temperature, the structure of the clay is a porous and strong. Starting from the basic construction of a wall or column, different scenarios of the brick’s use are imagined into public space : a park shelter, bus stop or pavilion. An architectural element to offer cool outdoors environments during the heat peaks of the year.